Pregnant teen, 15, devastated after losing unborn baby in horrific car crash

A pregnant teen who was rushed to hospital in critical condition sadly lost her baby after a horrific car crash.

Madi Sawyer, 15, was 27 weeks pregnant when she was in a serious road traffic accident and was rushed to hospital in Downton, Wiltshire on October 3.

Dad Dave Sawyer and his ex-wife Kristy Sleeman rushed to the scene which he described as “swarming with police and firefighters”.

The driver and other passengers were able to get out of the vehicle, but Madi was stuck inside as emergency services waited for ambulance crews to arrive.

The teen was rescued from the car and rushed to Southampton Hospital in critical condition.

Dave told WiltshireLive : “They said they had to get the baby out because he still had a 50/50 chance of surviving.

“The hospital staff were brilliant. But as they prepped Madi for theatre, the placenta ruptured and she began losing a lot of blood.”

Within a couple of hours, Madi’s parents received the devastating news that baby Mateo had passed away.

The family shared heartbreaking images of them saying goodbye to baby Mateo and said they had hands and footprints made with clay while their daughter continued fighting for her life in the theatre.

Madi remained in the theatre for around six and a half hours.

Dave added: “They didn’t know if they could save Madi because there was so much blood loss.”

She was later moved to intensive care, on life support and only came to the next morning, asking immediately for news of Mateo.

He added: “She couldn’t talk because she had tubes in her mouth and she was waving and making baby gestures with her arms. The doctors would only break the news to her with us present so we rushed over.

“With the midwives there, she was given the news. It was heartbreaking really. Being Madi’s Dad but also losing my grandson, it was traumatic and I just can’t imagine what Madi is going through now.”

Once she was stable, Madi was moved to another hospital where she was given the opportunity to be with Mateo and say goodbye.

The family are now organising a worthy send-off for baby Mateo. Dave has launched a fundraiser to help cover the costs in the hopes of helping his daughter bury her son.

“I’ve never organised a funeral for anyone, let alone my grandson and my young daughter’s son. The money will be for Madi to do what she wants with funeral arrangements, buy a coffin and gravestone – none of that is cheap,” he added.