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GTA V APK Instant Download

After beating someone up with a baseball bat, you find a parked cop car in a lot. You break in and speed off into the night. Before you know it, you’ve driven over 5 different people and have a three star wanted level. Welcome to GTA 5 APK!

grand theft auto 5 apk

If you did not already know, Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently one of the most popular games played on both consoles and PCs. Although it cannot be denied that it can look exponentially more detailed on a powerful gaming computer with a high-end graphic hard, the console version isn’t too shabby itself. Whether you are a console lover or a PC game lover, some surprising news has dropped: the GTA 5 APK for mobile devices has been released!

Today we are going to discuss several different aspects of GTA 5 including the brand new mobile version. I’m sure that you are just as excited to find out that they decided to release a mobile version as I originally was. And don’t worry – it lives up to the expectations (as long as you remember it is still a mobile version, after all!)

GTA V APK Instant Download

The Hype Around GTA

To understand why this GTA V APK release is so exciting, it is important to understand the history. Grand Theft Auto was one of the first games to explore the concept of an “open world game”. Rather than being forced into successive storylines with no option to explore freely, Rockstar Games (the creators of GTA Game) decided to do just that. They handed us, the gamers, the keys to the car to decide how we wanted to drive it.

Steal a car and drive it around town. Join one of the several available quests. Heck, you could even go to a virtual strip club for possibly the first time ever… not that you would want to, but the fun part is that you can if you decide to.

GTA5 Emerges

Although the GTA V APK has only just been released, the game was originally released on the PS3 and Xbox360 consoles in late 2013. One year later when the PS4 and Xbox One were released, they were part of the launch day titles available for purchase. Finally, in April 2015, more than two years after appearing on PS2 and Xbox (as well as on PPSSPP), the GTA 5 PC version was dropped.

Now, as with most of the Grand Theft Auto Games series, it was obvious that GTA 5 was a hit from the start. The gun shooting, knife wielding, low rider driving maniac that we became was a hit, but not even the highlight of the game. In addition to all of the expected fun from a game in the Grand Theft Auto series, not forgetting the updated graphics, GTA San Andreas offers something that the previous versions didn’t: an online add-on.

GTA V APK Instant Download

Play GTA 5 Online

Without spending too much time here, I wanted to quickly cover my person favorite aspect of GTA 5: the addition of the online element. When I play video games, the greatest joy I find is playing alongside, and against, other real players. GTA 5’s online section allowed players to join a lobby of up to 32 people on the PC and console versions. There, we battle it out by destroying each other’s vehicles, hang out in personalized apartments, and even occasionally hop into a military cargo plane for a group flight.

Now, why did I mention this when we are focusing on the GTA 5 APK mobile release? That’s right, you guessed it: the GTA 5 APK available on mobile has online lobbies to play with, and against, other people.

GTAV APK Mobile Release Hype

No longer are we stuck in the year 1999 (sorry Will Smith), and no longer are our means of gaming. In years past, gaming meant a large tailored made PC or a rudimentary console. Today, in our pockets we carry a computer much more powerful than the Playstation 1, Playstation 2, and even the Playstation 3: the smartphone.

According to an article written by Extreme Tech, today’s smartphones already surpass the graphics quality of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 generation consoles.

“Mobile hardware is already powerful,” said Romdan at Casual Connect Europe. “If you take today’s high-end smartphone or tablet, the performance is already better than Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. It’s catching up quickly with Xbox One and Playstation 4.”

This leads us to our next point: the hype surrounding the GTA 5 APK iphone mobile release is real.

The Deets

Now that we have gone into the history of GTA 5 and why hype around the Grand Theft Auto auto san andreas mobile version release was created, let’s dive into the details of this new great game.

You’ll find that with many mobile games, especially with counterpart versions on consoles and PCs, that the games are often a shell of the original.

For example, call of duty makes a $5 mobile game that is a far cry from the original game and how it was structured. Rather than an immersive experience, the mobile version of Call of Duty is more of a top-down resource management game, rather than a first person shooter.

For a bit of additional backstory: In the past, people have had harsh words towards Rockstar for micro transactions while still charging for the base game. They have said that it should be one way or the other. Either shark cards should not exist and cash in the game should be easier obtainable, or the base price of the game should be free. The GTA 5 console and PC versions both cost full price and have micro transactions that are encouraged through low in-game cash flow.

With the release of the Grand Theft Auto V for mobile devices, Rockstar north has shown their customers that they care about what they think. Not only is the Grand Theft Auto 5 mobile version a complete port of the console version, it is also a free to play version. This means that while micro transactions are still a reality, there is no longer the double whammy of micro transactions in a adventure game that you already spent $60 on.

Best of all, you can hook up a console controller (or mouse/keyboard with a USB to micro USB cable) to your smartphone and the game will recognize it. Then, just play as you normally would!

Download The GTA 5 APK For Mobile Devices Today For Free

Grand Theft Auto is a classic video game series. With the release of the Grand Theft Auto 5 for mobile devices, Rockstar has shown its commitment to customer opinion and feedback by creating a full sized mobile port (with controller support!) that is free to download and play. What are you waiting for? Download the GTA 5 APK right now!

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